Monday, January 26, 2009

Just an {Extra}Ordinary Sunday

I love my family very much. When we get together we always have so much fun, loudness, crazy times and just thrive in the amount of energy we all bring into the equation. So lazy Sunday afternoons on {Extra)ordinary days look just like this in our house. Even the cat and dog love each other long enough to snooze together. Welcome to the crazy madness of my family, Justin.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Stars

Absolutely no bribery involved in this photo. One of those rare moments where there is peace and love in the house. Where the older brother just hugs his younger brother for no particular reason and smiles back at me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

home is always where the heart is

I finally finished a layout. Wow, its been some time. Hope it makes you smile.

Catching up

Always catch up....those that know me, know........she be late.

5 January
I like being busy. So I haven't scrapped much in the past year. So this is my joke with my friend Bee, who is not convinced that I knit seen she thinks only old ladies and her sister knit. So Bee what do you think of Emma's to be pretty scarf?

4 January
I love these heart ornaments I received from Germany. Like old world heavy pieces of glass. Tie with a bit of ribbon and hang by the window to catch the light. These remind me, 3 hearts, 3 sisters, that love each other very much.

Friday, January 16, 2009

3rd of January

I am sure I am the only girl in the world with WORM WEE sitting on her kitchen shelf. My mom acquired some very delicate gardening magic potion. How many worms do you think it took to wee in this bottle? I dont know, but my mom, she managed to find all of them to do it. No its not a herbal human drink. Apparently its the magic potion you give those struggling little plants when they been given a good talking to. I can imagine her saying "Yes, dammit, you will grow now, otherwise you will get some more wee." Maybe just as bad as castor oil for kids. She is indeed a special lady.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Photo: 2nd January

Two sentimental hearts, tied with a bit of red ribbon, add a bow, hung by the window catching light so that the magic is allowed to dance.

Project: Everyday I am blessed

So this is kind of my New Years resolution. I don't do resolutions very well and some just never seem to be very goal driven. I haven't scrapped much or at all for the last 8 months or so. So its a start. Its a challenge with my friend Bee to take a picture a day or if not a picture a day then at least put down some words that have meaning in our lives. I know we wont always keep up with this challenge or be perfect as we both live in organised chaotic worlds where other things seem to take priority in order for survival. But at least there is a seed, and with that, well hopefully we will grow something from it. It may be a little neglected at times, but I figure well if we count our blessing just a little, we still will have something to show and a keepsake to the madness of our lives.

So I take pictures. I am not organized as yet, the goal is to keep trying. So I figure if I keep posting my photos on my blog with some key notes, its a good way for me to remember, keep up to date, the key word I love to hate ORGANISED, and when I have that rare moment and some mojo, it will be ready for scrapping. If all else fails, print blog and stick in book.

1 January 2009

New Years morning sitting at my favourite spot at Justin's house. I love sitting in this corner of the house looking over the valley. New Years morning, soft gentle rain falling. Maybe the best omen to start a new year. Rain to wash away the past hurts so that one can step forward into 2009 with new beginnings and a new approach to many things. I was glad for the rain, it made good sense to me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello Blogging world

Ok, ok, I finally have a creative blog. Or so I want it to be that. Who knows what it may land up to be. But at least its something which is better than nothing much Maybe it will be lots of things, bits and pieces of my life. Mainly shared in pictures I suspect cause thats what I do. I do take alot of pictures.

Maybe the real reason is if I have a blog, it might just get me to be creative, start scrapping again. Find the beauty and the joy in dong the stuff I love.

My first project for 2009 is a little book I did for my www friend, Gillian. She has 2 new kitties that are her fur babies. So for her birthday I thought it be nice to have an itty bitty brag book. Well it never made her birthday on time, but it made first project of 2009.