Saturday, March 14, 2009

I think I am too busy

It has been a very very busy and emotional week. My little boy, Joel had major surgery on Thursday. He had a hydracoele and his thumb operated on. I was so nervous as I have major hospital phobias (considering he spent about 3 months in hospital when he was one) He came through with flying colours and was discharged the same day. Who would guess from these photo's that about 5 hours previously he was waking up in hospital. He bounces back so quickly and was helping me make about a hundred plus cupcakes for his brothers school the next day.

I love his t-shirt that says it all....been no where done nothing. Right, so not Joel... he has done more than a lot of other almost 3 year olds. I am so proud of him and so in awe of how brave he was. Way to go Joel.

So creativity this past few weeks took a little bit of a back seat and was on the run. These were invites I made on a late Sunday night. I am so glad I can photo shop. It helps wonders when you need a quick fix.

Luke is a crocodile and Joel is a monkey. So its not suprising when asked what type of cake do you want. "Oh you know, just a crocodile cake" . Ok so this is our attempt. Perfect is for shop cakes, I like to involve my kids in art especially times like this. So this is Lukes and my attempt of a crocodile. Not too shabby, great teeth Luke.

And just in case you didn't believe me when I said we made over a 100 cupcakes to go. I spose I am a strange mom, my mom taught me. We cant eat in front of others and if you give one you give all. And how can one child in the school have a cup cake as the kids classes at little school are all sort of interlinked. So we just made cupcakes for the school.

For those friends that know I cant cook, genuine these are all hand made by me. Sometimes I come out with suprises. My mom and I make a pretty darn good baking team dont you think.

So maybe, maybe, next week I will get to that mini book thats half done on the dining room table. For now, its tea, cupcake and left over crocodile cake awaiting.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Having fun

I think I would be totally bored if I ever stuck to one pattern and way of doing things. So I try things and mix it up. Sometimes artistic impressions are also just because of how you are feeling on any specific day. I do think my moods dictate my passion and creativity.

Lately, there has been lots of work with trees, owls and birds. Its been sitting in the back of my head to try it.
I think of all my styles I do enjoy "Fun and whimsical" the best. It comes easily together for me without too much thinking. On a week night where I has a need to kill some of my PVR recording as its almost back to 100%, I started to cut out little hearts to stay awake. So if you wondered how this page started, it all started with little red hearts and then little things just got added. I must say its turned out happy, fun, bright and I think so me....and will be one of my favourites for awhile.

Answer to busy lives and book clubs

One of my best friends, Gillian, she scraps. But life is so busy and we seldomly get to meet up. So to try and solve that, we said instead of creating a book club we will have scrapclub and meet up once a month. So in theory we get to meet, see, snack, drink, chat and scrap. Wonderful combination dont you think.

I can remember back to the first crop sessions, trapesing across the country with my friend Bee, with a boot full of stuff. We could really add colour to that phrase: Everything but the kitchen sink. How on earth did we do that. And yes, man we had a lot of stuff. And it was like important to have it close by otherwise you could not scrap. It did take about an hour to pack it and an hour to pack it up again. I think we kind of realised what we were doing when one fine day we had a puncture on the way to a crop and it landed up in not such a great part of the woods. We had to unpack the entire chocoblock boot. All we could do was giggle and think of all the wives driving past with their husbands and saying: you think I had stuff, just look at those two and thats just what they have hidden in their boot.

So I have grown up. I go to crops now with literally NOTHING. I take my scrap file and a some cardstock and my carry all-tool thingy a mi-jiggy. No fuss at all. No photos. Just something to keep hands busy and putting something together. Complete with photo at home. Anyways this my book-club page. One finished easy simple page.