Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I did shabby chic...

Yes I did. Its not something that is a natural process for me, I tend to prefer the cleaner fun lined approach with not so much stuff on a page. But you know me, I get a buzz and then out of the blue challenge myself to something different. If not why not I have a whole lot of stash to work my way through to eternity. Lets just say my printer ran out of ink found and old photo and havent done a girly page in a while. So here is my take on shabby chic, pink and blue, I love you.

There is stamping, inking and sewing on this page. Looks different in real life. Did I tell you I thought I would take out my sewing machine so I could, yes sew on paper (most my friends dont quite get that, let alone the thought that I own a machine and might even sew) but the darn thing was so much trouble, didnt want to work and almost got thrown down the street (but I was reminded that is literring). Do you ever get so mad with things that dont work when they should. So I walked around for the rest of the afternoon, not scrapping but cursing my machine that did not work. I think I solved the problem of throwing the machine down the road and just burnt out the motor instead. Far much a suttler death. Death by heat.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just for Valentines day.

I found this layout I did sometime I think in August. It says a lot and I still feel very much the same. Its a good day to share it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday scrapping

Slowly getting back into playing with the art of moving photo's around and playing with paper. It is fun after all that is why we do it. Memories captured. Precious moments recorded. Photos for albums with little stories that will make me smile for a life time.

Happy faces. Thats my boys. Luke's first day of School. Joel does not smile for the camera, Luke thought he would help him along and show him how. Its really rather funny watching the two of them, sometimes they just get on and do these funny things together. Happy Sunday.