Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby girl book

One of my dearest friends, Vilosh had a little baby girl in June. I have not been able to visit because of the pesky flu germ. It gave me at least some time to put together this little book for her. A few pieces of scrap paper, a sticker sheet and a rub on. Basically all I had out.

I had to use yellow mixed with the pink. She was in denial that she was having a girl, so yellow is the colour to balance the pink with.

I got to see baby and mom yesterday. Aw how very precious and so very cute. She loved her little book too.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Captured moments

All the toys in the world, and the box is the most entertaining.

I did tell you that Luke is now making his own sandwich. I happened to walk past this in the TV lounge. Don't you just love the fact that the crusts are cut off first.

Oh, an we have an invasion in our house. Where on earth are all these dinosaurs going to...oh you know "Mommy, they going to the Ice Age" Ok, if you say so.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Who said bath times are dull

This one, he makes me laugh lots. He reminds me so much of me in strange and funny ways. Who would have thought you could bath with your goggles on just to see the bottom of the bath underwater. Hope it made you smile too.

Friday, July 10, 2009

My inspiring quote for the weekend

To vibrate, to accept, to expand… this is the new duty. To give oneself as is, to let life meet us as it really is, to live for the moment and extract from each moment all that it holds of truth, beauty and goodness, without scruple, without vain questioning, in the spontaneous desire of life, in childlike purity of heart… to be able to be oneself, to dare to be happy and at last allow one’s soul to spread its wings.
Jeanne de Vietinghoff

OLW # 55 JOY

I love the word Joy. That word is used a lot in my house. Not only is it my favourite name for Joel, its the sweetest song I know. Luke sings this song with such gusto and love, you can only feel that special joy in your heart when you hear it. (For friends go see on my FB video page 2nd one, go see the joy - sorry cant load here due to some technicality reason)

I am still waiting for a chance to unpack my paper stash. Itching to do paper, but pacifying that part of me that needs a dose of creativity with some digi work. Soon soon....I keep saying. Sanity is just around another week or so.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Smile for the day

You have to believe that mischief is going to boil over.....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Crazy week

The words "Pay attention to the everyday stuff around you, it matters" comes to mind tonight. Where did this week go, it evaporated in sort of a blur. So much happened to.

I think I was sposed to pay attention to my flu that would not go away and left me with a nasty sinus infection. I wasn't paying attention to how miserable I was feeling. It is school holidays after all. So I agreed to go to the doctor only because in 2 weeks time I will be taking an overseas flight and kind of gathered such a stuff nose will not be conducive to long flights. So the doctor took one look at me and shook his head and said "you need x-rays I suspect you have a bad sinus infection that probably is going to need to be operated on to remove". So after running around to doctors and x-ray departments and hospitals where CT scans work, the ENT doctor scheduled me in the very next day. Abscess in my sinus best I sort it out asap. How did I forget to pay attention to ignoring the pain and everything else that went with it. That is a scary thought. Like the receptionist said "You so calm, you know you going to have surgery tomorrow, you ok with that", I smile back and said "I have had lots of practice at being calm".

In between that, I sneaked a much promised trip to the movies with the boys. They have been on their best behaviour so that they could go see Ice Age 3. What a joy to see, 2 boys holding hands to get to the movies. Luke saying "I'm so exited" and really you can see it all over his face. Joel happy to get pop corn and coke. Listening to the two of them laughing their heads off in the movies. Even Joel shouting so loudly that every one turned to look, "Mom look there is a T-Rex". I am so glad I got to sit there and watch the two of you with such a big goofy smile on my face.

Lying on the couch, post surgery to stuffed to really do much, I watched two little boys go by with a plate and a sandwich on. "Huh". My mom was not around. Then I realized my boy has just made his first sandwich. Totally all on his own. No one told him. Just they were hungry and so they made a sandwich. Thinking I would get to the kitchen and it would be a mess. Surprise. All neat and tidy. "Huh" Two boys making their own first sandwiches and no mess. Luke turns around and says "Its all packed away where it belongs". I just paid attention and realised my little boy is now longer such a baby anymore. He is now almost self sufficient, you are almost when you can make a sandwich.

Got to love this one, look how dirty and big he is getting too.

Hopefully this week I find better feet, get some much needed to do stuff sorted and hopefully a little bit of inspiration. Have a happy blessed week.