Friday, June 19, 2009

Still under the cover

I know I am feeling very fortunate to be able to be at home for a little bit before I have to go out into the big scary world and find some work. But somehow I am still so overwhelmed and no where. I don't seem to get enough hours in the day to finish unpacking, settling, finding my feet, getting to do some fun stuff in between. I am still boxed in and wondering if I will ever see the last of a box. (all my scrap stuff in a little corner). I now have a couch where I can just plop on and look out at the pesky monkeys or some traffic.

The entire family has been totally taken out by the flu, me included. I am feeling weak and not myself. Sometimes, I forget I am human, like getting to the doctor with the little ones and him telling you, you are very sick do you know you have a temperature of 40 yourself. By any chance, you guessed, I am so frustrated because I can't build Rome in a day.

Today we had a scary visitor. Not so fun when you walk into the kitchen and find your mom and the cat on one side of the kitchen and a monkey on the other side.

We have no idea how he got into the kitchen as we have been keeping the windows closed to prevent this. And here he was, trapped, angry with the dogs barking at him too.

Lucky we managed to get a window open so he could escape. Luke is now telling Joel, "Monkeys are dangerous and carry disease".

I was holding my camera because I was taking some much needed updated pictures of the kids. Must say this was a point and shoot and just get this thing with the scary teeth right out of the house.

Here are some pictures of the boys. Luke is so over the camera and such a boy. All he wanted to do was show me how he could blow the stuff right out of his nose.

Sometimes we are just different because we can be. Got to love this face.

Friday, June 12, 2009

OLW # 53 - YES

My scrap stuff is still in boxes, my PC got connected a day ago (yay, I have photoshop), Im feeling so full of flu just in time for the weekend, a good dose of some creative inspiration good for the soul. Thanks OLW for the challenge. My little ones run around shouting, "Yes we these photo's it happened to be the day for super heroes."

Hopefully soon I will be back to some normality. That my scrap stuff can find a home. For now I am happy to settle with some digi work. I have just taken a serious dose of medicine and going to climb into bed with the older of these super heroes as he is also down and out with this flu.

Credits: An assortment of fonts, some free star brushes I have from somewhere? They have no name attached.