Friday, October 9, 2009

Waiting for Summer

Listening to the rain and running water. It is dripping. How many drips in a minute? Will it be raining when it is waking up time. Will it be a day for gumboots, pretty yummy marshmellowy ones. What will we do with the kideroos inside again on a raining day. How much is too much TV. Are the games they play OK for their age, does bashing Mario on a screen release frustration or make it a social acceptable practice. See what listening to the rain does to me.... Ever since I was a little one, I could not sleep when it rained. Just had to listen that first drip, that was me, gone on a train of thoughts.

It is 3 in the morning. Life is so quiet except for the drip and the rain. Internet seems incredibly slow and hanging too. Why wouldn't it, it is 3 in the morning and we should all be sleeping. And I will have to tell Luke that the water outside now will be on the cold side and probably totally green from the rain. So yes, we are still waiting for summer to roll on in.

For the title, used some paint, stamped it, cut it out, backed it up and then got rid of some of my eyelet stash.

Luke helped me make these stamped
out 100 percent Boy embellishments. (They are from autumn leaves). He helped me colour them in a bit too. I did give them a once over after him. He does like art, drawing and colouring in so he is always encouraged to help out. Makes it a little bit more personal too.

Don't you just love that face of mixed emotions. He was so happy to be able to be allowed into the water even though it was not warm enough. But then shouting "AHHHHHHHHH its too cold".

So as much as he wanted to swim he realised it was still a little bit too cold.


SABEE said...

THIS IS GORGEOUS. Lovely .... did you do it this morning ? at 3 am ? I so , so love it , I really do, the colours, they gorgeous, and as for your photography, well its always brilliant, you capture the essence of the subject :) :)