Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello, have to you learnt something today

I never really know what to put in this title box. But I am always trying to learn new things, even in scrapping. You can see this from my style as I bounce around. It is mostly dependent on my mood and the time I have for art and as I call it, my colour therapy. So I try things, it might not necessarily be what I like, but I give it a shot. Sometimes it works out and sometimes well, lets just say it might get tossed or put in that bottom draw for another try. It is only paper after all. Yes true, but in many ways its an art too and an expression from our hearts.

So what have you learnt that is new or have seen and so wanting to try?

I have been pondering digital templates for awhile. Someone else has already put them together in a balanced and workable way. I like being creative and starting a project from scratch and that is perhaps why I battle with sketches too. So I managed to get some time in front of my PC while the kids were watching some tv. So here is my learning for the weekend. I gave digi templates a chance. Must say, its easier than I thought.

Looks hard getting all those different coloured papers lined up like that with a shadow at the bottom. Not really. If you know how. That is the beauty of this digi template. Its already done for you.

Want to know how.....
Template is a freebie from "with love from Mushy". I love her work. See her stuff at Little Dreamer Designs.

The digi paper I used is from Happy go Lucky kit from Shabby Princess. Its free as well. And has some really great kits that are free if your starting out with digi and don't yet want to commit to buying. I am sure to use this kit over and over again.

So how do you take the kit and put it into the digi template.
I use photoshop
Open the template, its already populated with all the layers.
Open your paper then move it over to your template page. Put it directly over the layer where you want to transform the grey into the beautiful patterned paper.
Select the two layers (ctrl and click on the layer) then push Ctrl and G (this should group them together)
Then on the coloured layer - right click and select create a clipping mask.
Magic happens and your patterned paper changes into the grey box shape underneath.

Yes its that easy.

Sometimes it just takes a moment out to try something new. Doesn't always have to be hard and complicated. And makes for having some fun to watch your page come alive. I am glad I gave it a try.


SABEE said...

wow, love how this came out !!! I must give it a try , but then, I not into digi that much :) lovely photos