Friday, August 7, 2009

Shoe! As in where did time go not what you put on your feet

It is scary when you look at your blog and think, oh my word, was that when last I updated.

So much happened since the last post...

  • Ireland (lots of great memories)
  • U2 (Totally frikking mind blowing experience - wow)
  • Seeing Bee (ah, see below)
  • Kids back to school, 2 kids party nogal too.
I will blog another post another day and share some Ireland pictures. For the time being they are on my PC, collaged and waiting for the "TO DO DAY". Its easy to collage in Picasa and if you play around you really get a great way of putting together lots of holiday photos. I am so impressed with how they all came out. Also so impressed I could show Bee how she too can quickly whip them up. Watch this space - I am sure she is going to use some of these soon soon.

What can I say about my friend Bee. So totally awesomely fantastic to see her. Laughter just flows. Here is the collage she did especially for me.
And I had a visitor, I don't know it the cheeky bugger is going to stay around as we have been debating my current status of creativity and what I want to do, says knitting is repetitive and brain deadening or that fact that I have too many watchables recorded on the PVR. Anyway the Mojo dude stayed around long enough to entertain me with some paper, glue and glitter. Got to love it when he visits and 4x6 photos all just work and line up the way you want with not too much debate. Or maybe its the whisky (as in Ireland do as they do) inspired talk that helped us get through a double page together. Or maybe its just the desire to have the sun back and the swimming pool to burn lots of kids energy.

Happy long weekend everyone. If that mojo man pitches up at your place, just feed him whisky me thinks.


SABEE said...

It was so awesome to see you to!!! It wasa the best weekend ever ! As for Picassa, well thanks for that, the collage tip LOL, cant believe I didnt play with it before.
I am so glad you had a bit of Mojo, scrapping is so theraputic and I just love your LO !!!We going to have to find some more mojo okay.. maybe we do a crop via Skype one day !!

Tertia said...

Hi Val, those pictures of you and Bee make me jealous! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
Left you an award on my blog.

~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

Love your pics with Bee - must have been so great to see her again after such a long time!

I'm crazy about your H2O lo to! So much fun! :)