Thursday, August 13, 2009

23 year Kitti Skitti Marriti

Isn't that something special. She is 23 human years this year. She has been part of most of my life and has been with my child since he was born. She often snuggles up close to him to. I always say she has lived so long because she was smart enough to make her humans her slaves. The other theory is if I ever come back to this life I am coming back as my mom's pet.

She talks non stop. If she wants to go anywhere she will meow until she gets her own way. Even if it is at 4 in the morning. You will open up the window and she will look at you in disgust and tell you, "no I am not going out the window, that is for lower class...I used the door."

Still think its pretty amazing that Skitti Marriti is now so old and still so full of life and bringing my kids joy too.


Linga's Portraits | Mandy Moore said...

Aaw VJ... They hold a special place in our lives and our hearts.

~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

That's amazing Val! So sad to think that they can't just be there forever!

SABEE said...

Ah man !!! That is just such an awesome age for your Kitti Skitti... I am going to share this with Aidan too because he wants his pets to be around for ever !!! Joel looks so in his element here... bless him (as the pommie bee will say :) )

Tertia said...

Cats are very special, such a pity I am allergic. 23 Sounds very old, I don't think I have ever heard of such an old cat, must have a really good life with your mother.