Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Memories Warehouse challenges

I wanted to support TMW and take part in the challenges Amelia is running on the site. On Sunday I found some time to give it a bash. Digi it is because it wouldn't have been a good time to take out the paper and already have some work in progress. I am so glad I got to do this story about my Granny's butterflies. It has been on my list of stories I want to capture because of it being a very special day for me.

The Sketch

A special story. I want to do a heritage album because it is the stories that matter behind the photo's.

The other sketch. I had a bit of extra time, so put together this one too. More just having fun on my PC. I took the pictures on Sunday. We had spent the morning at the beach. Just some really happy snaps of Joel. Can you believe he is just 3. He is one strong child. Must be that German blood in the platelets he received when he was so sick. LOL. So wonderful to see him so healthy and happy. My superstar kid.

Digi credits:
Granny's butterflies - Vintage dreams - Lori Barnhurst & Michelle Coleman
Superstar kid - Cool denim kit by Monica Larson


~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

Love both your LO's Val! Great interperetation of the sketches too! :)