Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting some mojo back

Just a teeny little bit, isnt it always like that when you have many other things to do. Stress brings out loads of creativity. Or maybe its procrastination and takes my mind of the enormous tasks ahead. I was under the weather last week and forced to sit still. So managed to fit in these two layouts. Yes we all have dinosaur names according to Luke. I make a pretty lovely diplodocus. I have a love neck. He he.
Thanks Sam E, this was for a challenge, nice to have these photos at hand.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Love and hate mini books thing

Mini books and me. Never seem to get to make any for myself. Always for gifts. But this paper by My Mind's Eye was just to yunmy to not use, and use it all. Thanks Gillian. I will blame you. :) The rub on - eyerday wonderfuls became the theme through out the book. I wanted to record many things about my every day life at the moment. I think the reason I love to hate mini books is because they take a long time and the repetition, oh, I battle to keep it focused. LOL. Dont ya just love the little crocheted flowers made just by me. (Kept the boredom away a bit)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cape Town, I love that place

Always in my spirit, I will feel like an exited girl that feels alive when ever I go back to Cape Town. Something about the vibrancy, the colour, the life, the air, the people, the beauty and maybe just the magic it brings into my heart. How special it was to share my stepping back there with my special love, thank you Justin. I cannot thank you enough. And to good friends too, I am so blessed to have you in my life and share a little bit of love, warmth and energy with.

A wonderful little journey I took too, learning to accept the past and embrace those memories of a past life and the opportunities and blessings that have come my way. Just a slice of heaven and if I could taste it, I would say absolutely fantastically delicious. Yum.